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My first GoPro Vid from my VeraWing

Hi guys, I wanted to share my first GoPro video i took from my Versa Wing. This is my first video ever from a RC plane and thank to the Versa it was really fun to do and I will be doing more!! Thank you Josh Bixler and everyone who helped in creating the Versa Wing. It has sparked my sons interest in RC flying and renewed my interest in the hobby after 30 years of flying. Enjoy guys!!

I just got out of work and raced out to my field. I was not expecting the video to turn out like that, I was stunned! I literally bought the gopro, stuffed it on the wing and threw it lol! I just need some Fat Sharks.. Hmmmm :cool:


Dedicated foam bender
I am always surprised at what I capture, even though I don't put up even close to what I shoot, I love it all!