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My first quadcopter config,is it gonna to fly ?


i am bulling my first custom build quadcopter , after playing with a DJI for 2 years i need to have a custom build and reasonable cost unit ,i have complied the following specs but not sure
if the motors could be mounted on the frame ? ,
ESC is good? calculated flight time of 15mintues is achievable ?
does the X525 frame is the best choice for a foldable and lightweight frame ?

RCTimer 5010 - 360Kv
RCTimer 17x5.5 CF Props
Turnigy Plush 12A ESC's running BLHeli firmware
KK MK X525 V3 QuadCopter Folding Frame Friber Glass MultiCoptor Red/Balck
SkyZone TS353 5.8G 400mW FPV Transmitter
SONY CCD 1/3inch Camera
HK Plot32-PIXHAWK clone
minimum OSD
battery 3s 3300 mah 25C - DUPU , might be replaced with Panasonic LiION as in this post :http://flitetest.com/articles/ncr18650b-test-flight

AUW :1.45 KG

the motor and props and ESC combinations are from this post :