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my foam board rc flying standup jetski


Junior Member
Well finally got the jetski to fly like I want it to so i figuered id post it here.. its able to hold a hover now.. it also flys off water.. will post water flight when I get to a lake

Heres a video hovering the jetski.. its so fun to fly lol.




Senior Member
Dude that is sweet! Great idea, I bet that turns heads. Do you plan to paint it or would that mess up the power to weight or it?


Junior Member
Thanks yeah sure does turn heads.. i do plan on painting it the power to wieght ratio is great so i dont see a problem with it aslong as i can keep the CG right on.. CG was a pain to find on this thing lol..


Junior Member
Someone always has to crash on someone elses fun.. if you don't like it dont look at it.. simple as that.. and this is my only second post of this thing on here it was in multirotor videos the first time.. chill officer..