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My Fortis Airframes Titan Tricopter's First Flight and Crash


Senior Member
After finishing my build last week, I only took off and landed a few times. Today, I got slightly more bold. I flew around a while at Cesar Chavez park on Berkeley Marina. It was quite windy as usual, which gave me a tough time of managing the throttle (boy is it scary when a gust of wind sends the tricopter straight up). I crashed when I got overzealous with some swooping. There was no damage, just two folded arms and 4 lost screws from the camera mount (I have plenty of spares). Also met three other RC guys in the park. One fellow had a wooden Windestal tricopter with FPV gear. He says it's the easiest way to fly tricopters.

You guys helped me a ton with this build in this thread, so I thought you might be interested in the preliminary results. I'm new at this, so any flight/build/tuning criticisms/advice are appreciated!