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My FT3D kit completed

I couldn't find a good thread here with info on the FT3D speedbuild kit. I saw the long thread on the scratch build, not sure if the kits go in there or not though... ;)

Anyway, here's mine. I ordered the kit when they were first announced, and just got around to building it this past weekend, maiden flight was this evening. I like it! I've never flown "3D" before, and it's been a long time since I flew anything really aerobatic regularly. (I've spent the last few years focusing on FPV) I wanted something cheap and simple to play around with, and having build a couple of foamboard planes using Experimental Airlines techniques, I decided the FT3D was perfect!

I build the kit according to the plan, didn't really change anything other than the addition of some light foam wheels. (old GWS ones I think) I went with the Emax motor FT calls "the beef" and used a 10x4.5 Gemfan prop, because I have a bag of them left over from my quads. ESC is a 30A Hobbywing, servos are HXT900s. Receiver is an 8 channel Fr-Sky that I had sitting around. I'm flying it with a 3S 1300mAh 25C Gens Ace battery. AUW is 465g with no battery, 600g with.

As I said I'm no 3D pilot, and haven't flown any real aerobatics in a few years or more. That said, I flew two batteries through it today to get it trimmed and the throws adjusted, and get a feel for it. By the end of the second flight I had done a few goof knife edge passes, managed one half-way good knife edge loop, plenty of loops, rolls, and inverted. And what I think was either an "elevator" or a "parachute"... lol I think I have too much throw on my ailerons, I tried hovering but can't hold the wings where I want them, and the thing rolls faster than I can count them! ;) I'm going to dial those down before then next flight.

Here's some pictures... (stripes are colored packing tape)



I am just starting to put the FT3D kit together. Any suggestions on setting the control surfaces (Low, high, 3D)?

I currently do mostly sport aerobatics and practice a little 3D on a simulator so I want to ease into a 3D experience.



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Setup dual rates and have low rates set pretty mild for launch and landing,(maybe around 15 degrees)and high rates as wild as you think you'll need. nothing past 40 degrees should keep you fairly safe if you take it up high before banging the sticks around.


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I think the rates i turned it down to on the FT video was 25 degrees at best on ailerons for high rates... huge aileron authority. 3d/high rates for elevator and rudder is pretty much everything you can get: rudder can go from elevator to elevator... and 45 degrees throw at least on elevator.

low rates would be half of these with expo maybe.
Finally almost done with the build. Just need to finish installing the servos and mark top and bottom with tape.

What is the best location for the battery and what seems to work best for securing it? I figured that the battery would get installed through the canopy but I thought I saw some FT-3D planes with the battery in the opening on the bottom front of the plane.
I'm about to start my FT3D. I'm not a 3D guy but I decided to give it a shot!

Oh and Keith I love your little landing strip. Is that an old foundation for something or just a tiny landing strip?