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My Motor went up in smoke, can I trust my ESCs?


i Have a problem and hope you can help me. A while ago I flashed BLheli on my Afro 30A ESCs. I then tested one of them with my old Turnigy motor to make sure it wouldn't damage the Motor, did a few tests, looked if the Motor gets warm and so on. Then I flashed BLheli on all my ESCs, plugged in my T-Motors MN-2212 (i think) which have roughly similar specs to my turnigy ones, armed the Copter, spun up all the motors (everything fine up to here), stopped them again and now suddenly one of my motors started smoking. I immediatly unplugged the Battery, but the motor is dead now (shorted turn).

My question now is, was this a faulty motor or ESC? Can I still trust my ESCs?
I hope you can answer this, the Motors are expensive

Thanks in advance