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my scratch build hex with stabilised camera gimbal

heres a bit of a build vid of my hex with camera stabilisation mount, and some filming of the snow I did. All the footage is raw and has just been cut together and colours changed there is no post production stabilisation added
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cool footage...

Looked like the KK Board was doing it's job with steadying the gimbal..:applause::applause:

I would be very interested in doing a copy of your hex build in the future... if you decide to share the plans...;););) , as I will be purchasing a V2.0 board pretty soon....

how did you fabricate the legs???
I'm actually in the process of putting together a laser cut birch ply kit with aliminium arms that will include the gimbal but it depends how much I can get them manufactured for, I will keep you posted


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Looks good! ;) Nice to see your progress with the video stabilization

Does your gimbal have tilt and roll axis? Could you put a picture of it?