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My Son Dalton with his FT-22 Blue Bird

My son and I went out for an evening of flying and I recorded him with his FT-22, he has only been flying for less than 6 months. There will hopefully be a second video of him with his faster version of this plane, hope you enjoy it!


Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
His skills are improving very rapidly.
I don't think you want to do combat him and expect to win.
Thanks, Foam Addict, He is 22 and we just have a great time together! He is my buddy! just like his younger brother, he's my buddy too! I have great kids! and my daughter just made me a Grand pa!

Thanks Ron B, Yea I wont try to fly aginst him! He has a spitfire that just for fun he flys 1 foot off the ground and drags the wing tip! then he follows that up with flying it inverted at head hight! Makes me sick!

Here is my grandson!
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