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My Sportster


Made this one using parts found at our flying field, auction grab box and some retired planes. This is around plane sixty of Flite Test based designs. I don't use power pods or poster board on planes anymore.

This one has a Eflite Power 10 motor found laying in a field. I removed it from an FT Mustang which demonstrated good speed and should add the added power I think the Sportster needs.

I installed some plywood to mount the gear and a tail gear assembly from the grab box. Painted with some rattle can paint.


The first Sportster was a great plane for us to fly and to develop skills and confidence.

Thank you Flite Test for introducing me to building of foam board planes. It still is a lot of fun to modify and build planes based on your designs.

When the wind stops blowing and it gets into the forties I will get this airborne. My 12 year grandson is the advanced pilot in the family and should be able to put it to test. I will try and get some video of the maiden and share it.


Maiden was perfect. With my limited skill level, low throws with it's increased power is just right for me. I had a couple of more skilled pilots fly it and they could do just about anything on low and high throws. It was fun watching them hover the plane.

The improved landing gear make it a joy to land.
What brand of spray paint did you use?
Rust-olem enamel. On the water resistant foam board it works well. After letting it dry the blue masking tape doesn't pull the paint from the foam. I also use wood glue on all the exposed edges. The glue is much cleaner than the hot glue method and is stronger. The paint looks better on the edges as well as adding strength. The edges hold up much better if you nick a wing tip.

The LD 2820 920kv motor in this is amazing. I am running it on 3s power and it is plenty. I put this motor in a Dynam F6F Hellcat on 4s power which turned the Hellcat from a slug to the way the plane should fly.

I did add white stars and "SPORTSTER" to the wings to aid in visibility.

I did add this to the fleet for my eight year old grandson.

I did forget. I switched motors after a friend crashed the plane. Other than the motor damage there was nothing else but reattaching the landing gear. Damn prairie dog holes.