My Tiny Trainer Build


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@buzzbomb Flying the TT on full rates no expo is intense! I would have crashed straight off the launch. That was an epic save. I also love your sons flat out flying!
Get a three rate set up on a switch done-
  • tame, with low rates off the deflection gauge then set ailerons a few points lower again, with 30% expo on all, 40% on aileron,
  • high rates, set rates to the high deflection gauge, no change to ailerons, 30% expo all round
  • nuts level with everything 100%.
That's not a bad idea for me. I tend to fly really sketchy for a minute or two after launch, and then I calm down and I can get stupid with it. (That is some serious irony, there! :p) Having a switch set up like you suggest would help get me through the nervy early flight, and when I'm comfortable, I could throw the switch and be back at 100% all around, which is really how I like to fly. Now I've just got to figure out how to do all that in OpenTX!


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@buzzbomb ..once you have covered the basics in opentx it becomes very easy ..there is no need to learn everything at once !! opentxu is a good resource to get you started with the basics ,then there are many youtube vids you can watch to see how others do it .....and all add to your knowledge and understanding !!