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My tricopter on the third battery

The video is kinda short but the first video I made was not sharp and on the second video the battery of the camera went empty.
The Tricopter is build after the Tricopter V2.5 from rcexplorer.se . Thank you for that perfect build Mr. Windestål and thanks to ananas1301 for answering some questions.
This is my second flight on the third battery. Crashed with the first battery badly because I had the wrong firmware version on the kk-Board and because of that I didn't have the correct end points on my ESCs. After going to V1.6 by Kaptain KUK (there are more than one 1.6 versions) and setting the correct endpoints everything works fine for me (Beware with Spektrum Receiver you probably have to get another energy source because the RX needs much time to get a signal. Cut off all Voltage cables to the KKBoard (the red cables you have to get them back together after the procedure) and connect another ESC which is connected to a second battery the whole time on a free slot).
It's a real stable platform. I like it much. Its probably a little bit more stable than the Solo Pro 100 but since its much bigger its quite a bit easier to see and react and has a lot mor power for pushing against the wind. I need to replace the front left motor. It got damaged on the crash with the first battery. But right now it holds up fine. I hope it stays this way until the replacement motors are here.

After flying the second battery I had to use the music function of the Plushs.
So here it is the ode to joy
Yes it's an Orange 6 CH. Well I got no big problems with it.
For setting up the end points on the ESCs, the instructions with the Kaptain Kuk 1.6 Version is like this (copied from rcexplorer.se):
- Make sure that the flight-controller is turned off
- Turn the Yaw pot to the MIN position
- Turn on the transmitter
- Move the throttle stick to top (full)
- Turn on the flight-controller
- Wait until the ESC's beeps twice after the initial beeps. (Plush and SS ESC's)
- Swiftly move the throttle stick fully down (closed). The ESC’s beeps
- Power off the flight-controller
- Restore the yaw pot to around 50%

Unfourtunately the startup time of the RX is so slow that the connection to the TX is not established when the ESCs have beeped twice. But they need the full throttle signal in that moment for setting up the endpoint. So because of that the Orange RX needs another energy source in this case so that the connection is already established at the time of the two beeps.

And yes it is a chorus :)


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Well done, Manfet!

Nice video! Pretty stable hovering :)
Glad it worked out now. You sounded a little furstrated in the beginning :D