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My way of printing the plans


Elite member
I have found a way to print the plans that I find more comfortable for not having to work with a large plane formed of many sheets
I download the full map and open it with the Inkscape , selecting the page you want to do first


Then I select everything we don't need and delete it


I select everything in the menu or with the mouse and ungroup from the object menu
sometimes you have to give it a couple of times until it looks like in the picture


Now I select each of the largest parts of a sheet and group them into individual pieces by saving them in different files
and the small ones in A4 or letter sheets
I'm going to take the fuselage


Now I open the file that I saved as fuselage


I save it as a pdf but I select the option of the object size and not the paper size


when you open it with the pdf reader it will look like this