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Mz 12 setting up flight modes (Attitude/ Rate/ Acro)

Hi fellow pilots!
I am pretty new to this hobby and just bought myself the Versacopter with the Mz 12 and Gr 18 combination. I am a solid pilot by now and wanted to try rate and acro mode to learn some acrobtics.

When following the instructions in the flite test build video, and using the first switch (S1) on channel 5 to switch between the modes, the quad only powers either the right or the left two motors more than the opposing ones, causing it to crash even before lifting of the ground ;) Both in normal mode (probaly attitude mode/ the default one) and in the newly configured one. If have probaly made a mistake.

The Graupner manual isnt of much help either...

So could someone explain to me in a very detailed way how to set up rate/ acro mode on the switches and how to incoperate the fail safe option etc. I simply do not get how it is done properly from either the flite test video nor the manual.

Thanks guys, your help is more than appreciated!!!