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Name that plane!


Elemental Madness
I went down to the local flying feild today for the first time. I was thinking about joining, but it looks like they fly large scale planes there for the most part. Anyway, I was watching as this guy set up this odd looking plane. It was painted like a WWI biplane, red, complete with the Iron Cross, but had one wing and was really strange looking. The man set it down on the runway and I expected it to slowly take off like a scale WWI plane. Instead, with a mighty scream, it rocketed forward and whistled into the sky! It was so amazingly loud! I don't know what kind of electric motor he was using, but I caught a glimpse of it and it was massive!

It looked like this plane: 120606-30.JPG bit at least twice the size and with a hhhhuuuggee motor
which I found after looking through pgerts's "today's flying" thread.
What is it?!?
Thanks guys.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
The ugly sticks are classic planes that have been around a long time. There are a few "sticks" out there, all seem like pretty good planes, and durable from what I've seen.


Senior Member
This is my Ultra Stick 25e ARF by E-flite
its got a 60-Amp Pro ESC
Power 32 Brushless
and a 3s 2200
Its all most like a big Stick