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I have a flame wheel 450 quad with NAZA controller and GPS. When I turn the quad on in GPS mode, the LED flashes red and green. When I takeoff, it does not hold it's position. The IOC works but it does the GPS does not appear to be working. I live in Maine. Is it that I don't have enough satellite reception?

Do you wait for the LED to turn solid green? The flashing red and green says it is getting the satellite information. One has to wait for the solid green to fly.


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Hmm. Just tried it. I waited for the green light to flash. It did. I took off and it didn't seem to be working. Than I got a low voltage indication. Could it be that I have to fill out the Mounting page in the assistant software for it to work?


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When I enter GPS mode and the light is a steady green blinking and I take off, the does not hold it's position. It goes in what looks like a big circle with a radius of about 10 feet. The IOC does not work either.
It is all in your gain adjustment. Some test you can do is to run in GPS then go to Atti mode and see the difference. In Atti it will drift with the wind, go back to GPS and it will try to stay in one spot. Do you an 8 channel radio? You maybe able to set it to adjust the gains in flight. There are so many variables as each fight vehicle is so different, so the gains are dependent on the unit it is in. Another test is to get it set with GPS and do fast forward, fast reverse passes then stop. Does it try to return to the same height it was before it lost height in fast flight? If so, it is working. Check the Manuel on how to set the gains. What has worked for others with the same QAV 500 frame as mine, is to much for mine. Motors, props, esc's all seem to make a difference. Props seem to make a huge difference, at least that is my understanding. The more flexible the prop, the less precise control. Experience has shown me that the location of the GPS antenna is very important. The closer to the center the better it flies.

Other thought, did you do the Digital Compass Calibration per instruction Manuel? Might help.

Here is a thread on another forum, you may find useful information you can apply.


Start close to the end for best information.