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naze32 help


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my first time ever setting up a control board and I have the naze32 trying to program with clean flight

when I follow the video on flitetest I keep getting
failed to open serial port.

now I was an idiot and got flustered :mad: to the point that I wasn't paying attention when I soldered all the connecters on and soldered one upside down now I have a control board that's I can play with because its un usable now.
I ordered a new one but im still trying to get the one I have to read on clean flight. any ideas.

also I don't know if any one has ever used a naze with a tactic receiver. I found the naze32 manual and think I have it figured out being the same as tactic

but I noticed with the break out cable it only supplies power and ground to chanel 1. does anybody know if this will power up the receiver or do I need to figure out a way to do that.

side question im only using the TR624 so its a short antenna. is there any concern about performance. I already made shure that the default failsafe is 0% throttle but I am at a perfect spot to remove it if its going to be an issue.


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Ha ok so I desided after trying to get deep into the computer to find out why it wasn't working I decided to plug the control board in again and give it a nouther go today. Weird thing thow it loaded. No idea what changed but it's working now.


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It his is my last post on this issue. It has ben fixed and my new control board is installed.

I do hafto say that I find it weird that FLITE TEST will show you how to set up and install a control board that they don't sell.
They sell the acro naze32 with a right side hook up. There are some difrences in them. I will say that the difreces are things that are or shud be self explanatory.

Now there is something that I am still confused on and it's probably just a clean flight problem but the board seams to be only Acro.
Clean flight does not show the orientation of my board

And as for the recever being powered up. It does. Have not done my maden yet but I plan on it tomarow weather permitting.

So I worked out my own problem lol hope this helps someone els out if they need it


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If you're not seeing the orientation then something is wrong.

Is your Naze one of the new "rev6" versions? If so the standard version of cleanflight won't work. There's a beta build you can get off the cleanflight github and flash manually that does support it but it's still experimental.


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It is a rev 6. I have herd that but perhaps I'm just to new to all of this. I'm lost when it comes to finding that on there site. I don't know what I'm looking for or how to set it up if I find it. I know it's not the board because my old board that I messed up is a rev 6 and is doing the same thing. Is there a place that I can find a walk threw for this?


Some guy in the desert
Rev6 is a new hardware change on the Naze32 that isn't yet officially supported by CleanFlight. You can either stick to BaseFlight (which is made by the same guy who designs the Naze32) or you can dig in on the cleanflight development discussions on rcgroups and github and find a development release with rev6 support.

The rev6 board connects the gyro/accel through a different interface that requires fairly major software changes to support. Knowing the history of Naze32 and it's developer TimeCop he probably made some of the changes specifically to try and upset people using cleanflight. That isn't to say there isn't a good reason for the change (it has the potential to use the limited resources of the processor more efficiently) but the way he went about implementing it sure seems like it was done purposefully to create issues for CleanFlight. (FWIW Cleanflight only exists because TimeCop was slow to accept other developers and updates into BaseFlight so one developer forked baseflight to create cleanflight which just pissed off TimeCop even more. It's also not the first time that TC quietly released a firmware revision with changes that were mainly aimed at making other firmware builds incompatible with his hardware.)

I can certainly understand your frustration. But the big problem here isn't really FT's fault it's TimeCop who changed the Naze and started shipping out a new incompatible revision without adequately warning any retailers or other firmware developers. It just happened to come out right after FT released their Versacopter with info on setting up Naze32 (rev5 and earlier) with CleanFlight.


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Lol I know It was a big cowinsadince thank you for the background on this. this it makes a lot of sense now. Now I can't help but laff at the games people play.

I will try based flight tonight. If anything it will get me airborn.

Thank you


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ok so baseflight worked. insanely easy to use. the only thing I need to figure out now is how to adjust the PID settings but im not worried about that right now.

I wanted to test it out and make shure that all of my channels are correct and what not. so I took a calculated risk and madned it in my living room. everything checks out good.

now my
if you read this all the way threw. a multi rotor of this size shud not be flown inside. it is extremely dangerous and I do not advise anyone doing it.

yes I am a hypocrite at times but that's human nature.

I think im going to write a review on the naze32 rev 6 and the versacopter when I get a chance to actually fly it outside


Some guy in the desert
Glad to hear you got baseflight working. Once CF has an update that support rev6 the change won't be that hard. CF afterall started from baseflight but has added more features on and improved some things internally. But there's really nothing wrong with baseflight for the vast majority of people.

Tuning PID's is mostly just tedious. Our own FGA wrote what I think is one of the best descriptions of how PID's work here:

ibcrazy just did a couple of good videos on PID tuning as well:

Sunday I started filming my own PID tuning video...but I'm hesitant to share it. My intention had been to just do a straight no edit video of myself tuning my Nighthawk 280 with baseflight. I usually use my phone with ezgui to tune, but the USB port on my phone is wearing out and no longer works with my usbotg cable so that wasn't an option. I tried to use my tablets..but they all had dead batteries. So I wound up using an ancient laptop - but it's screen was too dim to show up on camera. So I've got about a 35-40 minute video of me tuning but you can't really see what I'm doing (I do describe it and read out the numbers but without the screen visible I'm really disappointed in the video.) I only had two batteries ready to fly though and drained them both without getting a final tune - so I'll probably try again this weekend to get better footage.

But that gives some perspective on it. Flying gently I can get about 5-8 minutes of flight on those batteries. Flying both of them like that I recorded nearly 45 minutes of footage. Tuning is a lot of short flights and trying out different changes.

When you're first learning big changes are nice since you'll see how they change things. But for "real tuning" it's the tiny little changes that really get things dialed in...and that means a lot of back and forth.

You can setup in-flight tuning which is a bit more complex to setup...and honestly I don't feel coordinated enough to fly and adjust things at the same time so I've never really messed with it.

One of the things I absolutely love about TauLabs over Base/Cleanflight is how well it's autotune works. It's not perfect...but it gets things very close and then just one pack of tuning I usually have a tune I'm VERY happy with.

All that said - there's also something to be said for default settings. I've been flying the nighthawk for two months on the default settings which are baseflight defaults. They're not great...but they're totally flyable both by experienced pilots and noobs.

So don't stress over tuning too hard. Adding a bit of extra RCrate and Roll/Pitch/Yaw rate will give you the ability to do flips and really toss things around - as long as you don't have any major oscillations I'd say just go out and fly and worry about tuning later once you feel like your piloting skills have plateaued and you need another kick in performance ;)