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Naze32 problem

Can you please help me with this problem?
Video: https://youtu.be/j7O-YOAIyQE
The leds starts to alternate between green and red fast, then slow.
Before, the board was ok, it just suddenly started doing this. Also, I cant connect it to betaflight.
What should I do?


Eternal Student
The board is flashing an error message at you. From the Wiki:

5 short blink/beeps followed by any number of long blinks/beeps indicates an error code. Number of long blinks indicates the following error:

FAILURE_DEVELOPER: External interrupt of sensor failed to initialize.
FAILURE_MISSING_ACC: Accelerometer/gyro sensor is missing
FAILURE_ACC_INIT: Accelerometer/gyro sensor failed to initialize
FAILURE_ACC_INCOMPATIBLE: The found accelerometer/gyro sensor is not compatible/not the expected one
FAILURE_INVALID_EEPROM_CONTENTS: EEPROM/FLASH configuration content is invalid
FAILURE_FLASH_WRITE_FAILED: Write of configuration to EEPROM/FLASH failed
FAILURE_GYRO_INIT_FAILED: Gyro initialization of SPI MPU6000 accelerometer/gyro failed

Looks like either your gyro or accelerometer (or both) has died.