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Naze32 Rev6 Power Problem

Jo Jo

Junior Member
Hi guys

I am currently doing my first Naze 32 build, I have connected the Receiver, Esc's and OSD and everything is working. But for some reason today, when trying to connect to cleanflight with a usb cable there is now a problem. The blue light comes on but is very dim and does not connect. When I plug my battery in everything seems to work fine. I can connect to cleanflight etc. Even when unplugging everything this is still the case, only works when I provide 5v from my PDB.
Everything else works normally, but have not attempted to fly yet.

tried the normal, (Different USB cable/port)

Should I bin this board and replace it, or is it worth a try?




Posted a thousand or more times
Could be normal if it's a REV 6.

They added a "feature" allowing you to power the RX from just the USB but to use it you have to disconnect the power from the motor connectors (from your ESCs or PDB and your main battery). Not sure if this "feature" got removed from later versions of the REV6.

If you have this "feature" if you don't have your battery connected then the USB is sort of powering the ESCs but it's not powering them correctly and possibly that could cause trouble.

If your ESCs have BECs you should remove the power lines (red|center) from your ESCs from the connectors on the motor pins or if you do not have ESC BECs, disconnect the power from your PDB while you have the board powered from the USB. Only the RX will work. Your ESCs and motors should always be powered from your main battery.

On the REV 5 you can only power the RX from the motor connectors (from your ESCs or PDB and your main battery) which is as it should be.