Help! naze32 to frsky x8r Help! "_" !!

futaba djt hack

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I working on a 270 robocat and using the naze32 and i am not geting any receiver feed back, but pwm is working but only getting 4ch. but thats not working for racing.
I am running Cleanflight 1.2.4 Like in the video josh posted on youtube
i am use in a x8r rx and tx futaba t7chp with frsky djt
I have tried sbus ppm pwm.

If any one can help me :cry:

Please post any info you have that might help and help me get my quad flying. :giggle:

Thanks God Bless
Ps edit this is making me sad:cry:
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If you got the first 4 channels mapped and working you should be able to go to the switches tab in clean flight and assign them to a channel.

I use ch5 on a 3 position switch for flight mode. P1 horizon mode, p2 acro, p3 acro with air mode. Then I assigned another 3 position as p1 nothing, p2 lights, p3 beeper. Then set a switch to arm the quad as the stick arming is just a bad idea unless you absolutely have to.

Once that is done you have to assign what physical switches you wish to use in your radio.