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Naze32 v6 led not working properly

Yesterday I received some LEDs for my VersaCopter, i soldered all the connections and hot glued the LEDs in place but when i turned on my drone none of the LEDs lit up, until i enabled the LEDs, but then i can not use my 5th and 6th channels for some reason, if i disable the LEDs in clean flight they stay on and i get my 5th and 6th channels back. The way my receiver is connected is by PWM which is one wire per channel. Later on in the year i am planing on getting a Spektrum DSMX quad race receiver with diversity (SPM4648) which would allow me to do s-bus, but i am broke and don't have any money left to spend on it.


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The naze runs the lights off channel 5 when in PWM so when you activated the lights what ever you had in channel 5 got turned off. I assume since 6 went away that 6 became what ever you had in 5 more then likely. I am not familiar with the spectrum radios but you can assign any switches to near any place on your radio with clean flight as long as you know what your transmitter numbering system is for its switches.


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Deleted what I had wrote as I just figured out the problem I believe. You are using PWM which wires all the ESC's to a channel in the receiver. The Naze lights function will not work unless you are using PPM which is single wire control from the receiver that carries ALL of the channels to the Flight controller
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What specific receiver do you have? You will have to look it up and see if it uses ppm, sbus or satellite as the previous post states. I had to bite the bullet and order the only PPM capable receiver Walkera makes to get mine all set up the way I wanted. Its really worth it to have one of those features in your receiver as it opens so many possibilities for configuration.
i have the ar6100e (dsm2), but i am planing on getting a Spektrum DSMX quad race receiver with diversity (SPM4648) maybe once i save up the money for it so far at $5.00


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Lemon and Orange have some fairly inexpensive compatible RXs. You'll have to research this a bit more because these are not parts I use so my knowledge is only from reading around but this...


should work. I haven't used Lemon but people claim they are good. Be careful when wiring up the satellite because it uses 3.3v and may be damaged if you give it 5v. Its likely you will have to do some soldering to get this hooked up. The Naze32 rev 6 has special SpekSat pads for this that supply the 3.3v.

However if you have a rev6 naze32 board you will not be able to bind it via the NAZE32. You could with the rev5. There may been a hack or fix for this since I last looked but if not then you will need a main RX to bind the satellite to your TX before you can use it as a standalone RX. Lemon sells a package which should allow you to do this...


The nice thing about that is then you have spare receiver you can use on something else.

Satellite receivers are technically full range but they are intended to add diversity to Spectrum receivers so you will not improve the reliability of your range which you may gain using a SPM4648. For a bit more money there is a Lemon RX with diversity and PPM that you could consider

and if you have a rev6 an need a main RX to get it bound...

Note that SpecSat and S-Bus are pretty much equivalent as far as any theoretical performance improvements - S-bus might have a slight edge - although unless you are a multi-rotor ninja it is unlikely you will be able to tell the difference between those and PWM or PPM.

A slightly simpler solution is to use PPM since no additional soldering is required assuming you already have the RX header pins on your NAZE32. Orange has the cheapest solution...


You only get 6 channels PPM but it does have diversity - the antennas leads are short so placement is a bit limited - funny that they claim it makes it easier :) I'm not particularly a fan of Orange but if needs must...
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