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Naze32 with Taranis - Throttle Issue

I have been working on building up a ZMR 250 and have everything put together and flying now, but I have an issue with the transmitter/receiver that's got me baffled.

I set up everything in cleanflight and it seems to be working, but my Taranis is giving no response for the first 20% on the throttle. I can see it moving in the receiver tab of cleanflight for the full range, but the board won't arm unless it bring the throttle stick up a bit and then to the right. It's like the 20% point is 0. Below that point, it acts like it wants to go into failsafe.

I'm using a Taranis and a D4r-II. What am I missing here? I can fly it the way it is, but I do worry about bringing the throttle down too low while flying and sending it into failsafe mode 300 feet up (splat). Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer! :)


Senior Member
On the configuration tab in cleanflight you'll see minimum throttle setting, that I think default it's set to 1150. You can lower that value to lower the point it will spin the motors up. Just make sure you don't set it below the minimum command setting or else you won't be able to arm it.
Thanks for the advice. That was part of the problem for sure. The other part of the problem was that I needed to adjust my endpoints on my throttle and yaw. Yaw in particular was set well outside the range of what the Naze32 could read, so when I pushed the stick all the way to the right, it read it as no pulses and went into failsafe. The throttle was doing something similar. I adjusted the endpoints to range from 1000 - 2000 with 1500 at the midpoint and now everything is working!