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Neebie question about Motor Mount Thrust Angles and the Power Pod


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Noobie question about Motor Mount Thrust Angles and the Power Pod

Hi All!
I just received my FT spitfire and i am eager to start building it.
After i received it, i took a couple of days to study it and came across a couple of potential issues that may be encountered during the build, for which i could not find answers for in my research.

While its been years since i have built a RC plane, and this is my first foam board plane, i do however, recall learning how important it is to have the proper Motor Mount Thrust Angles to prevent roll over. however i can't seem to find any references as to what they might be for the power pod.

Does anyone have experienced suggestions in regard to this issue?:)

PS. On an unrelated note,, I have noticed that the foam board from which my kit is cut from is quite different then Elemers project board. Where as the Elmers board had to be soaked in water to loosen the paper glue,, the paper on the FT foam is literally, and i do mean literally, coming off by itself. So im not sure if i should peel it off or not. It's possible i got a bad batch, or the humidity got to it.:confused:
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Probably humidity. The paper on Adams board comes off if you look at it just right! ;)
Just coat it with solvent based polyurethane (wipe on wipe off and dry, turn over and repeat)



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Well,, i think i made a mistake. All i had was some Spar-Polly and that is what i used to coat the paper. However it seems that Spar-urethane drys somewhat flexible and soft and that's not going to help the rigidity. humm. :( this has been a learning experience.

I think,, for the next one i will use fiberglass resin, it will seal the paper and turn it into a very hard structural member of the foam.
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No, I've used some of the spar poly spray I had on the spitfire and it worked fine. The poly is only to waterproof the paper, basically. Soft is usually good as the member bends rather than breaks...
Is there any answers to the original question on motor mount thrust angles?

I have the FT-3D and last night I noticed that when I fly it at about half throttle the plane is hanging down at the tail. The plane flies straight but looks like I am trying to harrier a little and I am not. I think it could be my thrust angle.

I have had to adjust my battery velcro attachment a couple of times so I have had to remove the powerpod from the plane each time. It seems that the powerpod might not like the repeated handling and is not quite as square as before.

I probably just need to build a new powerpod but I was thinking of trying to put a washer or two under the motor mount to try to see if that will help.


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I have never notice the guys adding thrust angle to the planes. I saw earlier a post that was asking the same question and showed that the 3D has a built in downward thrust angle but unsure as if it was built in on purpose or just a spar clearance issue. Bottom line is not every plane needs or wants a thrust angle correction, if you feel like your plane is doing something funky, like climbing when you punch the throttle or rolling to the right, etc. adjust away! Don't be afraid to experiment a little. Basic rule of thumb on thrust angle direction; if the plane climbs during throttle application, add downthrust, opposite or upthrust if it dives during throttle application. (on pushers, this would be reversed) Most larger motor or more torquey motors will have some right thrust to counteract torque effect(pushing nose left) but only in extreme cases will thrust angle be a deal killer. best thing is to try flying the model and adjust thrust if needed. Quick tip here gives you all you'll need to know to start adjusting yours.