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Hi guys, Ive been flying a small 3 channel trainer for a long time now and Im very comfortable with it. I bought a FT spitfire as my first adventure into 4 channel which turns out to be out of my skill level. I did get quite a few flights out of it but I just crashed it for good. I am able to Re use the electronics so my question is what is a good beginner kit from flight test that uses the C power pack? Thanks!!!

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I just did the same thing with a Simple Cub lol and it sounds like our experience with the RC planes is very similar. I scratch built a 3 channel Explorer with the electronics from the Cub and got to fly it yesterday. Rather large plane and even in a fairly stiff breeze was rather easy to keep up and stable, not saying there weren't a couple close calls. Best thing about those Flite test builds like the Explorer, Tiny Trainer and such is you can build a 4 channel wing and swap it out with the trainer wing at any time.

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I am still flying regularly, my field is private land so I am good. Simple stick can replace my TT.
Oh, well that's good! I've been able to get out to my field which is a 4 minute walk away, but who know how much longer I'll be able to do that so I ordered some stuff to fly in our backyard.

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Im leaning towards the explorer, because I can set it up as 3 channel to get used to the faster speeds it will produce and then convert it to 4 channel when I'm comfortable with that I think.
When you get to the build part of the Explorer where you are making the motor nacelle. I would recommend using painters tape to hold everything together and doing a trial fit with the prop on. I had a B pack and followed the video. Didn't remember that the packs have been changed from what they were using in the older videos and had some definite prop clearance issues. Not sure if the C packs have the same props that they used in that vid or if they are different like the B pack so it's worth a look.