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Need a help to change the baudrate of HC-06 bluetooth module


Junior Member
Hi All
Need a help from you to configure my HC-06 Bluetooth adapter for naze32 in my Tricopter V3.
As i know i need to change the baudrate of the module to 115000. I checked the Hc-6 using a ardunio sketch and a anroid app (BlueTerm) and it worked . I can see the letters I'm typing in phone on the serial monitor with the baudrate 9600.

But when I connect it using a FTDI adapter and try to change the baudrate using the ardunio serial monitor it wont work.I tried to do the same thing using ardunio mrga and connecting tx and rx but it failed also.I also swapped the rx tx in both boards and checked but the result was the same. Does anyone know a workaround or will I have to buy a another module ...