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Need Advise: Want to Learn to Fly Tricopter as First RC Aircraft


Junior Member
Hi. I'm new to the site. One of my main hobbies is videography. I started watching some of the videos on youtube that utilize quad copters and gopro cameras, and eventually found the Flighttest videos. I would love to get into this hobby!

So far, I'm most impressed by the tricopter being used on the show. It seems to give incredibly smooth soaring-type videos. My goal is to set up a tricopter for FPV using a gopro3 and a fatshark headset.

So right now, I have several questions on how to get started. I'd like to start by getting some recommendations on a decent radio with lots of channels (so I won't have to keep upgrading) and a recommendation on a cheap flight sim (that will work with my radio) that has a tricopter model to fly. Also, is the tricopter a good heli to learn on (without my camera attached, of course :eek:)? Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.