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Need feedback on FPV Quadcopter setup.


Junior Member
Hey I am building my first Fpv Quadcopter en I was wondering if this parts will work together and/or if I am better of with other parts?

Would love it if anybody would help me out :)
That is pretty much my set up. There are a few more things you will need. wire harness and T plug. Plastic stand offs for flight controller. Power supply for charger. I would recommend a bunch of cheaper diatone 5030 props. 10 sets is a start. Extra arms is a good idea as well.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
5040's or 5x4" props will give you a little more thrust and a little more speed, but at the cost of shorter battery life (slightly less efficient with higher overall current draw).

With the 5030's (5x3") you'll get plenty of power, and most importantly the Diatone's are DIRT CHEAP. They're not fantastic to fly on and they're almost all out of balance (IMO, that contribute 80-90% of why they don't fly great), but they're CHEAP, and as you learn you will chew through props. Treat them as a consumable item because your "learning" will consume props.