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Need help binding Turnigy 9x (er9x) with receiver

Hello, all.
I got a problem binding Turnigy 9x (re-flushed to er9x) with this receiver:
I am a new to a hobby, and when I got this transmitter and this receiver, I was able to bind it with "stock" (original) Turnigy 9x software. Now, After I reprogrammed it to er9x, (and successfully bound it to a receiver which came with it), I cannot bind it to this one.
I am using same PPM protocol as with original receiver with NEG set as a polarity of impulses, but no luck. Help, please!!!
Merv, Thank you for suggestion. Actually, problem there was not in impulse polarity of something else. Problem is with this receiver - it did not indicate with light (blinks) or sound result of binding. It's bound now properly. I am ready to fly FT Flyer and FT Nutball !!!!
Let's hope for good weather and for my ability to control them :)