Need help, can't link Taranis QX7 to FRsky S8R transmitter

Hi all! Need help, can't link Taranis QX7 to FRsky S8R transmitter. The firmware on the receiver is 2.3.15 international version, and on the transmitter is also international version 2.1.2. The transmitter itself is flashed, but then the binding does not occur, the red light is on. When you start moving the transmitter, it sometimes starts flashing green. I do the binding in D16 mode. Can I reflash the internal receiver module itself?
Thank you! I watched a lot of videos on this topic, but I did not get the result. The equipment itself is of the FCC version, the latest firmware 2.1.15 FCC was installed on it, the latest firmware 2.1.2 FCC ACCST was also installed on the transmitter. But the result has not yet been achieved. I think the receiver is not working. I ordered the same new one.

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I had this problem too and was about to give up on the receiver

My QX7 "ACCST" Version wont bind if the TX is too close to the RX.....the TX is swamping the receiver .....even after its bound the servos can act twitchy if Im too close
Tried, didn't help. I noticed a strange thing, during the binding and after it, the red button is on, but when you start shaking the transmitter, a flashing green light appears


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was going to mention that. It's kind of a pain having RX gear that needs to be up to date on protocols IF you buy new or update one of them. Didn't use to be that way but then again it's been a long while since someone ignored the frequency board, turned on and bought me a new plane. Plus, Amber says naughty things to me if I push the right button, so, it ain't all bad.
I actually retired a couple of receivers that I thought were bad. I wasn't flying but once or twice a year at that point. Didn't realize I had updated my radio but hadn't flashed protocols on my oldest receivers. Luckily found out before I tossed them all. Not that a 10+ year old receiver thats been in combat, crashes and all sorts of fun doesn't wear out from time to time.