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Need help finding a plane!

Hello! I am in no way new to flight, but I am interested in finding out what plane is best for a small/obstical filled field/valley. The plane should be able to take a beating, but also able to do basic aerobatics. I have tons of hours in realflight and I can do most of the advanced manouvers. I have looked at the commuter, but have shifted over to the mini mustang because of its better manouverability. I have an edge, so I can build everything from flitetest. Hope someone can tell me what plane might suit me the best and why. Thx in advance.


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Perhaps the Tiny Trainer would fit the bill? It might seem like a 'step backwards' compared to what you are used to flying but they are relatively small, there is a sport wing option (should work for basic aerobatics) and they have a good reputation.

Also, welcome to the forums!


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I'll second the tiny trainer... with some mods it can be a kick butt little plane...

Personally I use a Lidl chuck glider i converted to RC for blasting through the trees... has proven to be quite durable and is similar in size to the tiny trainer...

Thx for the great answers, but with some thinking I have come to the conclusion that I am going to buy the baby bleder because I think it has pretty good manouverability and might survive more than the first flight, while also being pretty small. The tiny trainer is also a little too basic for my taste. I'd rather fly a cool plane once rather than a boring plane multiple times :)


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Tiny trainer is not a boring plane. It’s capable of flying full vertical and can top 40mph on a 3s with only an 1806/2400kv motor. If you make a flatter sport wing for it it can do pretty tight aerobatics as well. You can even make it fly like a warbird with the Tiny SpiTTT mod which gives it a low wing. All that in something that’s cheap to build, modular and easy to repair.
For real proximity and speed you might think about a wing like the Arrow.