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Help! Need Help for choosing best RC Electric Heli

My name is James Fitts. I am a new member of this forum. I need some help with choosing the best RC Electric Heli. I want to buy it for my child. Please help me.


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Land your child in the exciting world of adventurous RC helicopters. Remote control toys such as flying helicopters, cars, etc. are an amazing addition to your toddler’s toys collection. They are not only a wonderful playtime option but also sharpen attentiveness among children. If you are looking for a multifunctional toy that not only serves as the best playtime gift but will also enhance your kid’s imagination then you can always consider buying RC toys Helicopters online at RCguides.
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I always suggest the sharper image quad copter a from Walmart as an intro to flight for children. They are really simple and perfect for learning forward flight, circuits, hovering and the like.

Of you are dead set on getting a heli, I would not recommend the ones at Walmart. I bought one and the controlls are downright un intuitive. I would look at the blade fixed pitch helis such as the Blade 70 fixed pitch which is great for indoor but won't handle wind. A step up that could be flown outside would be the Blade 120. I learned on a coaxial like This which is great for kids, I'm repairing my old one now for my son. Just my 2 cents.