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NEED HELP IN CHARLESTON SC---lost electrohub


Junior Member
Well, im offically that guy, the one that let my quad get away from me. Its now lost because it got taken by some wind behind trees so i dumped the throttle. Ive walked all around, but there are some industrial buildings right in that area and i would like to see if its on the roofs. If anyone is around that can help pizza and beer is on me!

Oh man I'm sorry that sucks! I put a little sticker with my name and phone on mine just incase it does get away, I also configure a switch that will disarm and flip the alarm so I can hopefully hear it.
Hope you find it!


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yeah, i wish i installed a buzzer on a switch. If this one doesnt come back I will be adding it to the next one. Of course, the electrohub kit is now out of stock....
Rotogeek has little piezo alarms for 2$, buy 2 so you have one for your next build :) hope it comes back to you! Side note. Wife and I are thinking about moving out to Charleston SC. Nice place? Winters warm or kinda cold? I hate cold I'm more of a Tampa Bay weather person.


Winter is coming
Sorry you had to experience the lost aircraft, but did you by any chance have your name/contact details on it? I've had a plane returned when someone found it, and know many others who have had the same...


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Unfortunately i didnt have my contact info on the quad. I did make some signs in the area with my number on it, so maybe someone sees that. I found a guy from FPVlabs that is in the area that may be able to come out and do a flyover for me.

Charleston is nice, I was born and raised just outside of CHS. It gets stupid hot in the summers, and busy, lots of tourists. Its growing like crazy too, Boeing made a big difference, and now Volvo will be opening a plant in a couple of years just north of Summerville. Winters are weird, last year we had an ice storm, shut everything down for a couple of days. But normally it barely gets below freezing more than a few times. You can ride a motorcycle at least 10 months out of the year if that tells you anything.