Need help selecting multi-rotor controller and programming software


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My son has a school project for which he needs to build a multi-rotor aircraft. They are not allowed to use quad-copter kits like gremlin.

At this time he and his partner have come up with a design to use three rotors on their RC aircraft. Can someone recommend receivers, transmitters and controllers, and any programming software for such a project.

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It's much simpler to build a quadcopter than a tri - the tail servo introduces a whole level of complexity to an already complex project.

If the goal is to just get something in the air under control, you can use pretty much any flight controller you want - a Naze32 while ancient by today's standards will work just fine. About the cheapest Tx/Rx combo you can get is the Flysky i6 which is actually pretty decent for the price.

For software/firmware I always recommend Betaflight. If you go with an older F1 board like the Naze you will have to run an older version, but it will work.