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need help with my control board !!

So tried re flashing my control board (HK 2.1)
Created an adaptor.. Like it says.. (RcE)
and I get this every time !!

(Trouble uploading screen shot from mobile)

Basicly says it can't find usb
Error during setting the fuses..


Rotor Riot!
Are you sure the adaptor is made and oriented correctly? If so, try using another version of Windows or downloading the latest version of kkflashtool.
Check that your USB isn't ported to some weird COM-port like COM42 or something. Try changing it to COM 2, COM 4 instead. I know I had this problem with one of my UART-programmers.
right so i have finally managed to get on a laptop now im home from uni for Christmas and i have that screenshot..
hope u guys can help..
thinking of just gettin the new KK2.0 if im honest so i dont need to reflash it..
anyones opinions on that.? Screenshot_2012-12-18-12-37-10.png