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Need Help with Spektrum DX6i channel assignment

hello im new to the hobby and i just got my dx6i, i'm having difficulties finding out how to reverse the throttle channel to channel 3 . can you help?


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Welcome to the hobby. Here you will find many good natured and helpful people. My son has a DX6i and he likes it a lot.
Reversing channel 3 is surely something you will want set correctly.
If you have the manual pg 39 takes you through how to use reverse the channels. If you do not have the manual click on this link and you can download it from Spektrum and have it on your computer for future reference.
Hope this helps.


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Are you trying to change the Mode of the transmitter? ie Mode 1 to Mode two? Otherwise you just change the ESC connector to the third channel... What are you trying to do?
Yeah, glad to help but need a bit more info. That dx6i should come from factory with default throttle on channel #3. Sounds like you are trying to reverse the channel??? Meaning stick down full throttle which would be interesting to say the least.


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Normal/Reverse is something that is easy to program in the radio transmitter.
Why do you want the throttle on ch3?
Spectrum/Jr normally have the throttle on the first receiver channel.


Futaba/Hitec and many more usually have throttle on the 3rd receiver channel.