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I am building a 450mm quad with a + layout. This quad will be used for acro and FPV as I have smaller quads but would like something bigger to spot in the sky flying LOS. Im using a NAZE32 with spectrum reciever. As Im using this quad for acro It is very light and the frame is carbon fiber. I need motors with a high torque and fast speed. I assume Ill need somewhere around a 1100 kv motor and escs to match but I am not sure and I Have no Idea hot to tell how quality they are, But they need to be under 20 each.


Faster than a speeding face plant!
The bigger you go, the more expensive everything gets. Racing quads are small because small frames with small motors weigh less and have less inertia in a crash.

If you toss a plastic cup onto the ground, it bounces. If you tape a brick to the cup and toss it, the brick crushes the cup. Heavy parts (including the lipo) act like the brick in a crash. The heavier the brick and the more fragile the cup, the greater the devastation to BOTH the cup and the brick.

This is why acro copters tend to be small and light and why the WarpQuad was invented.

Before the mini-racer quad thing happened there was Warthox. IMO Warthox (now QuadMovr on Youtube) is the king of LOS acro. Warthox was doing insane acro BEFORE tiny, fast motors and high quality, short props. Before fast ESCs were common Warhox was pioneering with Flyduino to create KISS and Oneshot with large frames and heavy motors.

Here at about 2:12 is Warthox's version of Giotto's perfect circle. This may be the best LOS piloting of a quad I have ever seen.

His frames are available online at Flyduino. Most of the builds using his frames are flying 2208 or 2212 motors in the 980-1100 kv range spinning 8" props FAST. Some folks (including Warthox) were flying 6S and propping a 2212 1100kv down to 6". At this level, balanced motors and props are CRITICAL. Vibration will end your copter so you see a lot of T motors in use here due to their quality.

Crashes tend to be spectacular and expensive and these copters tend to have a shorter lifespan than a small, carbon fiber racing quad with lighter hardware.

I hate to discourage anyone, but please be aware. There aren't many people building large, LOS acro quads anymore for a reason. If you are on a budget, you may wish to reconsider.
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