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Need some help! RX/TX Problem

Hey guys. I just received my fatshark goggles with the immersion RC tx and I'm having a problem. I wired the harness to fit on my gopro adapter. I plugged everything in and got a great picture for about 30 seconds, then it starts getting fuzzy and goes out. I've tried it with a 2S and a 3S battery, and also with the circular polarized and the linear antennas. I know my gopro adapter works fine because it works with my other FPV setup. I'm thinking that maybe the system is overheating and shutting down? The battery also plugs into the filtered balance lead adapter so the issue could be there. Another thought I had is that on my other FPV wire harness the gopro and TX have a common ground, since there is a filtered lead adapter I can't connect the grounds, I assume they are connected within the TX. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I was mistaken. I thought the TX was immersion RC but it is fatshark. It's the fatshark 5.8ghz 250mW TX with filtered balance lead adapter. Anyone have any suggestions?


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Is your antenna screwed on correctly and on the same frequency? When you loose the picture is the carrier signal still there or is it static on the screen?


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What is new on the setup? Start with known "good" working components and work from there. You'll be able to isolate the problem better that way than shooting in the dark.
I contacted fatshark and determined it's the goggles that is cause. It does the same thing when attempt to watch a DVD through them. Hopefully I'll be getting replacements soon. Thanks for the feedback.