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Need some help with my emaxx 1806 2280 kv motor

So i bought the tiny trainer, and it is a fantastic aircraft. Just recently I have ran into a problem with my motor. I power it on and it kinda twitches around in a circle, but then if I give it no throttle, then throttle again it spins up just right. I just flew it, but my motor felt pretty hot, hotter then it usually is and I am not blasting around at full throttle. It does the twitchy thing allot, but after i get it spinning its just fine, not hearing anything really wrong. My esc is a little bit warm, and i am running a 6.45 prop a 3s 800 MaH and 12 AMP esc. is there anything wrong? or after 1 flight continue on like nothing is wrong. please help thank you.


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Maybe you should try calibrating the ESC.

Power everything down.
Remove the prop.
Power up the transmitter with the throttle all of the way on.
Power up the ESC.
When you hear the initial tone, put the throttle all of the way off.
You should hear the normal startup tones.

Give it a try.


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I am not the expert on this. It sounds like there is a timing issue in the ESC. Did you purchase it from the FliteTest store? If so, they may be able to give more insight on it.


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There should be a manual online for your esc's Most will allow you to do stick commands. Read that and default it or sit there and count beeps for each stage and see how it is set. It is quite possible you entered programming mode when calibrating and turned on braking. I have done that before as well on my quad.


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You would have to confirm with another here as I am not familiar with things like start up power and timings for airplane motors but I suspect that is the next place to look to resolve that starting issue.
By going in and re-programming my settings in the esc i have gotten the motor to rev up fine how ever at full throttle it chops in and out of power. Ive been running the same exact set up for months and i presume it is a esc problem and will be ordering a new one from flite test this weekend.


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I am suspicious of that model of motor. I bought two of them from another source. One works good and the other one is like yours. I've noticed other similar reports about the 1806.
I had similar problems running the 1806 with a 6045. I had a "durable" propeller which I think is quite a bit heavier than the normal ones. I think the extra weight was freaking the motor/esc out a bit. The 6030 ran OK though. I'd maybe suggest either getting lighter props, running a 6030, or upgrading to the F-pack.