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needing another prop adapter....but what size??

Hey Guys.. Me again...:(:(:(

I am building an quad and as such need to purchase extra parts to add to the Tricopter parts I have already... I am needing a prop adapter the same size and dimensions of the ones I already have... they are for 3mm motor shafts..

I did buy one but ended up with an adapter that would fit on a microquad..(as you can see by the pics:rolleyes: )

any help would be greatly appreciated..


2013-01-16 20.22.33.jpg 2013-01-17 07.56.20.jpg 2013-01-17 12.55.22.jpg


Rotor Riot!
Does the propeller have any adapter rings (small hard plastic o-rings)? To choose a prop adapter you look mainly at the motor shaft diameter. Then you check the propeller diameter and see if it's too small or you need to drill out the prop.

Could you post the dimensions of the prop adapter you bought?

Does the prop wiggle and not center when mounted? Then you need those small rings that come with the prop.
Does the prop not fit on the adapter? Then you need to drill out the prop.