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Never buy from hobbyking again.

Hey guys im gonna post my experience with hobbyking. I apologize if you are offended with swearing. There is only a little at the end.

[12:47:38] Ivy: Thank you for contacting HobbyKing! How may I help you?
[12:48:36] Michael: hi a while ago i ordered a plane off you and it arrived with a broken rudder. I contacted you about this and sent pictures and other things and was given the option to have the part sent to me or $15
[12:48:57] Michael: i wanted the $15 but i just got a message then that the part has been sent.
[12:49:11] Michael: i have not gotten the $15 yet either
[12:55:00] Ivy: One moment please.
[12:55:08] Ivy: For the faulty or damage item/s, please kindly send us photos for inspection. We will forward the photos to our Product Specialist for advise. Once the item/s has/have been proven faulty/damaged we can either send you a replacement, process a refund or store bonus points which you may use on your next purchase with us. You may send the photos at support@hobbyking.zendesk.com
[12:56:11] Michael: it was declaired faulty a long time ago. Then i was given the option to either replace the part or $15. I asked a few questions about the options and then was told that it has been sent and no one has said anything since.
[12:56:18] Michael: This was a couple months ago.
[12:57:45] Ivy: May I have your order number?
[12:58:06] Michael: ************
[12:58:28] Michael: that was my original order
[12:58:34] Michael: now ive gotten this one which i dont know about
[12:58:39] Michael: *************
[13:03:27] Ivy: One moment please.
[13:05:28] Ivy: Order ********** which is the replacement order, was already printed and will be ship anytime soon to Queensland, Australia.
[13:05:48] Michael: i didnt want a replacement
[13:05:51] Michael: i never said i did
[13:07:24] Michael: when we were talking through emails about this problem. I was offered $15 or a replacement. Then i asked questions about the 2 options. Then i was told the replacement was sent. Then no reply since.
[13:09:46] Ivy: One moment please.
[13:14:59] Ivy: Okay, what would be correct option you will be choosing.
[13:15:02] Ivy: Is there anything else I may help you with?
[13:15:22] Michael: I would like the $15
[13:17:17] Ivy: Okay. One moment please.
[13:18:05] Ivy: Unfortunately, the replacement item was settled to be ship today and cannot be deleted to give way for the refund Mr. Michael.
[13:26:22] Michael: What is the replacement part. The fusalage or just the rudder?
[13:29:16] Michael: and can i send it back when i get it and then get the $15?
Operator Ivy has transferred the chat to another operator.
Operator PS 3 has joined the chat.
[13:31:21] Ivy: I will transfer you to our Product Specialist for further assistance with regard to your product inquiry. Please wait.
Operator Ivy has left the chat.
[13:39:25] Michael: anyone there?
[13:49:49] PS 3: hello
[13:49:58] PS 3: Thank you for waiting. Have been attending to several other customers as well. Thank you for your patience.
[13:50:05] PS 3: Checking the preceding text, one moment please.
[13:53:21] PS 3: so do you want a fuselage or a rudder or 15usd?
[13:53:38] Michael: I want $15
[13:54:43] PS 3: i find that the replacement part is already under shipment processing and cannot be held back now. This has been progressed in accordance with the communications exchanged
[13:55:01] Michael: well no it hasnt
[13:55:06] Michael: because
[13:55:13] PS 3: btw did you return the faulty rudder?
[13:55:47] Michael: i was offered $15 or the replacement. I asked questions about the options and then was told the replacement part was sent.
[13:55:54] Michael: i did not say i wanted the replacement part.
[13:55:58] PS 3: if you has accepted the 15usd offered that would have gotten you what you needed
[13:56:21] Michael: i did not accept any offer
[13:56:27] PS 3: has the faulty rudder been returned to us?
[13:57:31] Michael: No because no one said for me to return it
[13:57:43] Michael: i asked if i needed to and the person i was talking to said nothing about it
[14:00:14] PS 3: ok Michael, thanks for confirming the position. I suggest you respond to the last email and clearly request for the refund stating that you do not need a replacement part, as we shall have our warranty dept revisit your case
[14:00:36] Michael: i did respond to the last email
[14:00:40] Michael: and i got no response back
[14:01:25] PS 3: and as the part is under despatch please return the item and send an email confirnimg. We can then progress your refund request as well
[14:02:50] PS 3: please use the RMA process, without which we will not be able to track your returned product. And please dend the item back in unpacked condition with all the packing material intact
[14:03:10] PS 3: send*
[14:03:55] Michael: whats RMA?
[14:05:06] PS 3: return material authorisation
[14:05:48] Michael: what is return material authorisation? Do i have to put a special number on or something?
[14:07:43] PS 3: Please send an email describing the issue, along with a picture of the unopened package, to support@hobbyking.zendesk.com and our Warranty Department will examine it and respond to you. Based on our response, if required, please fill out a RMA form and send the item back to us for inspection. Please log-in to your account and view this link: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/supportform.asp (You will see our return address after you click on Submit) Please send it by the cheapest shipping method that has a tracking number. Once the item has been received and inspected the warranty Dept will progress your request in accordance with our warranty policy. Thank you so much for your patience.
[14:09:41] Michael: what do i put in the description then?
[14:12:34] PS 3: please send the email as i have been requesting. And you shall be further guided
[14:12:56] Michael: but i have already done this email stuff months ago
[14:13:19] Michael: and i will get nothing from it again
[14:14:12] PS 3: but as you dis not confirm that a replacement should not be sent, we have processed your case expeditiously in accordance with the warranty policy.
[14:14:19] PS 3: dis*
[14:20:24] Michael: I did not confirm the replacement should not be sent because i was still asking questions about the process when your representative did not reply.
[14:21:35] PS 3: in the absence of a response we would have progressed it to expedite warranty service.
[14:22:08] PS 3: I will suggest that you may kindly proceed as mentioned above for doing the needful
[14:23:08] Michael: so do i have to pay for postage back?
[14:24:36] PS 3: please email your enquiry and also please log-in to your account and view this link: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/supportform.asp
[14:25:25] Michael: alright ive seen the link but you said to send it by the cheapest shipping method. So does this mean i have to pay for postage back to you?
[14:25:31] PS 3: Is there anything else I may help you with?
[14:27:24] PS 3: Yes. Since warranty replacemnents are shipped free
[14:27:48] Michael: why should i have to pay for postage when it was your stuff up not mine
[14:28:57] PS 3: The defective item needs to be received back by us to process any store credit
[14:29:23] Michael: i am never buying anything from you again
[14:30:52] PS 3: I apologise for the inconvenience but please appreciate that our warranty department needs to have the defective part back for making any store credit / refund
[14:31:06] Michael: I was never told to return it
[14:31:08] Michael: i asked if i did
[14:31:11] Michael: i get no response
[14:31:27] Michael: i didnt choose the replacement part
[14:31:31] Michael: you just decided to do it
[14:31:48] Michael: this is a big (mistake) from you. And i have to pay for it.
[14:32:31] PS 3: we have already processed a replacement for you Michael
[14:32:42] Michael: which i never asked for
[14:32:46] PS 3: so do you still have a concern?
[14:33:09] PS 3: if a product is found faulty we do replace it, as per policy
[14:33:22] Michael: i was given a choice
[14:33:24] Michael: i never got to choose
[14:33:27] Michael: you made the choice for me
[14:34:37] PS 3: we act in the best interest of our customers and we ship you a replacement fast so that you get your plane flying at the earliest
[14:34:53] Michael: fast? Its been 2 months
[14:34:57] PS 3: wouldnt you like to fly your plane?
[14:35:20] Michael: I already have. Because it has been 2 months
[14:35:44] PS 3: the review of warranty claims have a turnaround time for examination and approval of claims
[14:36:11] Michael: With this shit customer service i dont understand how hobbyking is so big.
[14:36:44] PS 3: I am indeed happy to know your plane is flying after fixing the rudder. Thank you for your understanding.
[14:37:00] Michael: I do not understand you at all
[14:37:11] Michael: i had to fix it myself with no help from you
[14:37:15] Michael: good bye you are useless
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They are sending you a new rudder. Be happy that they are at least doing something. It's Hobbyking. I have made six orders from them in the last year. Each one was perfect. I order from them because they are cheep. I fully expect them to screw up at some point. The fact that you got any remedy at all makes me feel better about them.
my first experience with them was bad. But it was only because Chinese new year. I have never seen a company shut down for a complete week. But every order after that has been great.


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Getting "cheap from China" is always a gamble.
If you are in a hurry get the things locally and pay for it.
I have plus 150 orders without any problems from HobbyKing but I do not buy "China brand" planes.
It seems to me as quality and the cost per flying hour is more important than getting something that can cause a lot of problems like you have experienced.
I have ordered many things from hobbyking and most times there is a problem. Yes i am getting a rudder... 2 months later. The rudder is ment to be attached to the fuselage. So even if i didnt fix it before i would still have to fix it again.


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You might be the exception. Seems like that's usually me but I've actually had no issues with HK after many orders... Maybe it's time for you to find a different supplier or even better, a local one. Reading the transcript (I'm guessing it was chat help?) I doubt you were chatting with a native English speaker. Many things popped out from bad translations seen on many Chinese manuals. There was probably a lot of misunderstanding due to that fact.


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Hi everyone.

This's my first post on these boards, so sorry if I'm making my entrance awkwardly.
I've just had a very strange experience with HK CS this evening.

Long story short, made an order 11-3-13, paid via C.C., payment was verified as it has been 7 times before.
Waited a week, got onto "Live Chat" to find out the situation of my order.

Note that up until this order , I have not had a single issue with H.K. except for long delivery waits.

"Zoe" got online and our chat started....(the following is a transcript of our chat)

Zoe7:58:42 PM
Hi thomas.! I hope you're doing fine. How may I help you today?

thomas 7:59:51 PM
I made an order on 11-3-2013. paid w/ Visa C.C. and got payment confirmation
8:01:06 PM
order still pending/unpaid a week later?
8:01:41 PM
Order number 2008012824

Zoe8:03:37 PM
Let me check your order. One moment please.

[Up till now ,it's been business as usual...then it gets strange.]

Zoe8:10:53 PM
My sincerest apologies. We received your payment, however our accountant requires further verification
of the credit card used to pay for this order. Please take a picture of the last 4-digits of your card, showing
your full name (You can cover the rest) and e-mail it to support@hobbyking.zendesk.com. Please attach
the pictures to your message. Your order will be further processed upon successful verification.
We do
this to protect our customers from identity theft. Thank you for your patience.
8:11:05 PM
Please include your order number.


thomas 8:12:58 PM
Is this a new policy at HK? I've made many orders w/ this same card and had no issues.

Zoe8:16:36 PM
Yes. Your credit card has not been checked before so we need to check it but for future orders, will not
once you used the same credit card.

thomas 8:21:18 PM
If I use a different C.c in future will I need to verify it as well even after giving the security code during
check out?

Zoe8:29:35 PM

thomas 8:32:25 PM
how can a photo of the card verify that it is ME actually holding the card?!

[Now this is getting silly]

Zoe8:39:24 PM
Using the photo you have provided.
You may send it now if it will not take a while. Then I'll wait for the ticket # / Incident # so I can pass it
right away.

[Right, and I just fell off of the slow boat from China...]

thomas 8:54:22 PM
You already have all the information needed on the Card. If there is a problem with verification , then
contact Visa. I have made contact with them and they have confirmed that payment was made to Hextronix

Zoe8:56:52 PM
Please be noted that we need photo of your credit card image.
8:57:09 PM
Showing only the card holder's name, validity period and last 4 digits.

thomas 9:06:56 PM
All of that information was given during checkout. The order has been paid,payment has been verified,
but you are not delivering the product. I have contacted my C.C. Company and they agree that this
sounds very suspicious. If you are not going to fulfill your side of the transaction, then I want to cancel
the order and I expect a full refund. If this will not be done, then I will have my C.C company put this
matter into dispute and you will deal with them.

Zoe9:07:40 PM
For security purposes, our risk management department requires the information before we process your
order. But once you provided us the cc image, it will not be required for your next order only if you will not
change your credit card. If you do not feel comfortable providing us with such information, you may
cancel the order and a refund will be issued to you. You may consider placing a new order and complete
the payment using an alternative method such as PayPal.

Zoe9:07:51 PM
I will cancel your order and refund you the amount paid.

thomas 9:15:59 PM
Thank you. I am very sorry that this is the state of things at Hobby King at the moment. the rest of the
retail world doesn't do this to their customers. I will warn my friends to be cautious when dealing with
Hobby King. Good day.

Zoe9:17:30 PM
I have successfully cancelled your order and requested a refund of $80.11 in your credit card. It will be
available in 4-6 weeks or you may contact your bank regarding the refund status.
9:18:14 PM
Please be noted that we require such information only once. But if you will use other credit card, it will be
verified again as we aim to prevent fraud.


So went my Sunday evening. Am I wrong or does this seem a little suspicious?...

Sorry for the long first post, but I had to get this out of my system.

BTW, great forum and a great bunch here!

Best regards to all



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Hey Tom!

Welcome to the Forum!

HK's CS always leaves something to desire. The photo of the card seems like CYA on their part -- someone steals a card then goes shopping in china. While they've been burned before, It's still no excuse to force you to jump through *that* hoop. Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable sending it to a non-hobbyking site either! I'm sure "zendesk.com" is just their outsources CS in India, but still too suspicious to me.

Plenty of better (and pricier) vendors stateside, and there are some good overlaps between reasonable price and good service . . . and no slowboat!