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New Baby Blender!

Mostly finished with my FT Baby Blender. Put a 1400kv Turnigy motor, a 20A Hobbyking Blue ESC and 1500mah 3cell Lipo. I also put an Orange RX3s 3-axis flight stabilizer on it. I haven't used it before so I am anxious to find out how well it works. :cool:
One problem I've found already is that when you use the bottom of the rudder as a tail skid, it makes it wiggle like a happy puppy. Cute on dogs- not as much on a biplane. So I built a tail skid from two popsicle sticks.
I also ran a fifth rubber band around the landing gear from forward wing support only. I have had problems in the past with some harder-than-ideal landings making gear like this fold up underneath.



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Im anxious to here your evaluation of the plane along with the 3-axis flight stabilizer after your Maiden, along with any video you might have time for... Good Luck!
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Thing flies a little slow for me. Maybe a stronger engine is needed. I noticed turns require some rudder or it will try and slosh tail down through turns. That may have something to do with the 3D stabilizer as I hadn't figured out how to disable it on my DX6i until after I pulled it out to try it on my FT Delta.
As I find the stabilizer requires different settings on different airplanes. I should have suspected so but the first flight in the Delta was rather exciting. It just oscillated around the roll axis until I got it back down. I took it home to do some repairs and dial the gain down and when I went back out, it worked fine. Tracking with hardly a bump in 9mph winds, though I would keep it inactive until it had some good altitude. Didn't want to reenact that first flight!