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Pumpkin drop event

New balsa kits


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Welcome to the forums! :applause:

I too am a big fan of the 'crunchies' - foamies can be a lot of fun, but balsa brings the most joy to my smile.

So for new kits, it sort of depends on what you consider 'old'. I have started a list of kit manufacturers that I know, trust, and are still shipping stuff over here http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?35042-Balsa-Kit-Manufacturers

Wilsonman has been having what I would consider unusually good luck with his Hobby King Spacewalker kit too - it's many steps above the quality I experienced with older HK balsa kits.

So what do you like to build? What's in the hanger, and next on the bench?


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Hello MKolm1911.
I saw on your About ME tab you build and fly with your father. Of all things I do RC, I thoroughly enjoyed flying with friends but must say it is those I've done with my son that have been the most significant to me.

What have you done? What are you working on? Do you and you dad each have planes and fly together or take turns with one?

Welcome to the forum.


Balsa/Nitro= the best
Hello Jim my father has been in this hobby for 41 years and I’ve been in the hobby for 8 years. In this time we have over 100 airplanes. A lot of them are scratch built nothing like flying something you built. The style we both like is sport all though we have a couple pattern ships. We have are on flying field as well which is convenient for broken props or whatever the case maybe.


Balsa/Nitro= the best
SIG Astro Hog

E841E144-31D0-4400-8F97-C49FEE858555.jpeg Just retired this old girl SIG Astro Hog my very first airplane. I am definitely going to build another one. This one has done 8 Years of service the very best of a true sport plane.