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New Begining - The Spitfire's Handlaunching Saga

To whom are with me in the persuit of the best way to take off the FT Spitfire, this is a new episode.
It's raining in São Paulo a couple of days, but yeasterday afternoon, the wind an water take a time and the sky was clear to another try. This time I make up a landing gear just to make easy to get up from the ground… Try twice and the Spitfire take off for just a few seconds, getting stall turning to left and crash. No big damage at all what make me like even more the plane.

I Broke two props 10x6.

So, now I start thinking that the problem was in the plane build. Something get wrong. I'll build another, using not Foam Board, but DEPRON -anyone know it? Depron is more light than Foam Board, perhaps here in Brazil the quality of the first material what I used isn't not good.

Thank you all, hope bring best news next time!


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I think that all or most people in europe use Depron or EPP for light foam model planes. I Think that your problem is that you are trying to get off with to little speed. Stall is when you are flying too slow.


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Well, power isn't a problem, but the battery & motor are on the heavy side.

Probably still not the problem, but your motor is about 50% and your battery is 20% heavier than the high power recommendation -- nearly 50g heavier!

Still, I wouldn't think 2 oz would make this plane unflyable, but it will increase your stall speed (making it harder to launch/land).

Just curious, have you measured your AUW(All Up Weight)?


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The lighter motor might help. Also, make sure you have a long runway and climb out slowly, picking up speed as you go.

Good luck with the rebuild! This plane can fly and you can get it into the air!
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Yeah… I put this old eletronic in a Depron Cessna to fly next weekend… Let's see. But right now I can't wait to my next Spitfire.
I once had the motor turning CCW (view from cockpit) with my first airplane. She went straight nose down after hand launch as there was not enough pull. Same thing would happen if you put prop onto the motor wrong side.

I always hand launch with full throttle and pull it down to 3/4 after the plane reaches certain height (around 10-15 meters above treetops).

Here is my electric setup for my FT Spitfire
Hawking BC-2208/14 1450Kv motor
Noname 30A/2A BEC ESC
GWS EP-8040 Prop (no spinner, just the prop adapter that came with the motor)
ZIPPY Flightmax 1500mAh 3S1P 20C
AUW : 660g to 665g (I added extra weight to the nose to get the CoG right).

I get around 8 minutes flight with the setup. So far, I haven't got stall problems. Even with 0 throttle she glides quite well when landing.

And Here is my Turnigy 9x transmitter settings
Expo D/R
Elevetor 30 80/100
Aileron : 30 75/95
Rudder : 30 70/100
Throttle: 30 100/100

Hope this could be of some help.
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After a some good vaccation (without flying, I was in Jericoacoara/CE Brazil -its a beach town where always is windy, and the wind goes front land to sea… No way to fly a scratch plane there. Go Google and you will get another destination to your vaccation), I'm back to business, this is the tail of the new SF. I've decided put landing gear… photo (1).JPG