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New Camera and Crowd Funding Idea


You have to watch on your cell phone for it to work the way it is supposed to.

I have a birthday coming up and decided to treat myself to a 360 camera. Even though my birthday is a few weeks out I mounted it on my mini quad within the hour of its arrival and proceeded to crash it twice in rapid succession, the second time requiring a new motor. After getting things patched up I managed to calm down enough to shoot this.

I really want to get another one of these and send it out to FGA to mount on his quad. I think I might throw up using Google cardboard to watch it, but it would be worth it!



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That is pretty great! Link to where you bought would be sweet. Also, it worked for me fine on YouTube. Just click and drag to move the camera.
Wow, I can not wait till this becomes a bigger thing and someone somewhere integrates one of theses cameras into headless mode on a flight controller with head tracking to change the FPV view
So the camera I am using is the Kodak SP360. It is about the same size as a gopro but a bit heavier at 1/3 pound. Holding a go pro in one hand and the Kodak in the other there was a noticeable difference in weight.


I got mine for $209 used, but you can't tell by looking at it. It came in the original packaging including the battery which was still in the plastic.

It did take me a bit to get used to flying with it on the front of my quad, and I need to print a shim to change the angle a bit, or fly more aggressively. :)

As for mounting it for FPV it does have a HDMI output and wifi, but there would be significant lag with wifi and I can see how range would be limited...It is pretty cool though for sharing videos on youtube where people can look around.

I really want to send one to FGA and some of the other really good pilots. I imagine flying through an abandoned building or doing some flips and tricks with one of these mounted... X-D


Sun was out on the way home from work yesterday so I met the wife at the farm and went for a fly. Oddly I have never flown this quad at this field without having some sort of interfierence issues leading to loss of control and a crash...The controls just randomly get soft and the quad sort of stops responding leading to me crashing out. Today it only happened once though so not too bad. I also have some tuning to do with the additional weight.


I'm going to keep shooting these, but this is the last video I will link to this thread. I think it would be really cool to get one of these camera's for some of the more aggressive pilots on the forum...I would enjoy seeing the video...