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New club Trainer

Hi everyone, recently got into the hobby thanks to Flite Test and enjoy flying the TT at the park. But being the first of friends and family in the hobby, I am looking to join a MAAC club and learn properly with some help.

I know this question gets asked fairly often, but was looking for a more updated list of what people think would be a good trainer.

I guess the apprentice has been time tested. What are some other thoughts. Seems like the Tundra gets a lot of love in the FT community but they seem to always be on Backorder.

Thanks for any input.


Skill Collector
I loved my classic FT Tiny Trainer - it's what I learned basic 3 channel control on and was a whole lot of fun.

For a second plane, I love my Das Little Stick built from the plans here in the forum. It's a very well behaved plane that can be quite sporty too. http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?14491-(Das)-Little-Stick-Parkflyer-Plans - this would be an excellent next step from the TT

I haven't flown many RTF foamy trainers, but my local club has both a Corsair and an Apprentice with SAFE that are used for training new pilots.

Welcome to the fun! :)


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I don't know if I'd consider the tundra a "trainer". Lol Can't go wrong with a HK Bixler or the equivalent. Your spot on with the Apprentice too. If you've been flying the TT with success maybe you don't need a full trainer.

So, how much $$ are you wanting to spend? You want to build or just fly right out the box? U want lots of features or more bare bones? There are too many options out there.

My personal suggestion, if u have the time, is build your own. Try scratch building a few. If your already flying the TT you can move up to the FT Explorer or Simple Storch. Or, for a little more excitement, the FT Spitfire or P51, they are pretty docile for warbirds.

Any route u go will be enjoyable I'm sure.
The Apprentice, Champ S+, Delta Ray, Sportsman S+, and Freewing Pandora are all great choices as a club trainer. The Mini Telemaster is also a fantastic trainer, but it is only available in kit form.
Appreciate all the responses and will look at all those options and any more that keep coming.

I don't know if I'd consider the tundra a "trainer". Lol Can't go wrong with a HK Bixler or the equivalent. Your spot on with the Apprentice too. If you've been flying the TT with success maybe you don't need a full trainer.
Yeah wasn't sure about that. It looks like something that would be a good trainer like a cub with the high wings but too new to know what wouldn't make it good. It looks like people even with lots of experiance have a great time with it so was thinking maybe it would be good to start but also for later if it survives.

I actually scratch built the TT and a sparrow(which i have yet to maiden) and love that aspect. The whole reason for trying to learn properly with some help is to keep scratch building and trying many models. But to learn the club instructors normally ask for some kind of RTF or BNF beginer/trainer.

Thanks again.


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If you're comfortable building it, Hot-Wax's foam stik is an amazing flyer. It's closer to the original das ugly stik with a fully symmetrical wing, but it's to most docile thing I've ever flown and it slows down so well that almost anyone can fly it.


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Well, if you've done the TT with success then I'd imagine the tundra wouldn't be a huge leap. I personally, would kill for a tundra. I have yet to personally buy a RTF plane but the tundra would be on the list of gota haves for when I do.

I'd still reccomend scratch building something a little bigger than the TT or the sparrow. The bigger planes fly so much differently than the smaller ones. My FT P51 fly's amazing and the amount of experience I've gotten from flying that has made me 100% more confident about flying something $200+.

Have you done the sport wing on the TT yet? If not, I'd fully reccomend that first. It's amazingly different than the 3 channel.

And good luck with the sparrow. Mine flew, but was SUPER squirrelly. Lost orientation about 100 yards out and it went nose first. Lol Much faster flyer than the TT.
Have you done the sport wing on the TT yet?
Yes, been flying the 4 ch a lot lately and love it. Very different than the 3. I don't think I am ready for the sparrow yet so its just sitting at home.

Not sure what others experience has been at clubs. I'm guessing each one is different. This would be the first one I join, but get the impression that they would not teach on a scratch build. Thats why I was asking about the RTF or PnF. Once I am cleared by the club I plan on mostly building. I enjoy the hobby but can't spend too much on it.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
I second the suggestion to consider the "Parkflyer Stick".

It is a little faster. lighter, more maneuverable, has no dihedral, is very stable for its type AND the wings from the TT fit it perfectly for even more fun, (or spar wings in the event of a crash)

Simplest of builds and far more resilient than the TT ever was.

Built dozens for our dog fighting squadron and all but 2 still flying after almost 12 months:rolleyes: , (Damn MID AIRS).

Have fun!