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New drone registration.


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Anybody here in the UK I suggest you email your local MP and express to them in the politest way possible your frustration with the new drone proposals and the latest amendment and that will make it a legal requirement that you gain ATC permission each and every time you want to fly your 21gram tinywoop if in an ATZ, and tell them that you will be abiding by the law as required when it comes into force and phoning ATC approx. 7 times every hour during the day to seek permission to fly even though the batteries only last but a few minutes each flight, range is limited to about 30 foot and altitude limited BY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS because the craft can't produce enough thrust to clear most trees, let alone get up into general aviation airspace, copy the local ATC in on the email too.

Ask them to pass on your frustration to Fayling Grayling (unless you are in his constituency then email him directly) as you can't contact him directly (Parliamentary regulation) and they pass back to you his response, don't bother expecting the BMFA or other bodies to do it for you, they don't they are as clueless as the MP's half the time.

It's only when you present these extreme examples to them that they realise the stupidity of it all, my local MP was none too pleased (and neither were the local ATC when I told them to prepare for my calls), although this was in a conversation relating to a pilot who thought it'd be fun to fly over our town at 200 foot altitude so shit hit the fan over that too, but it went everywhere after everything was explained to them and he is ',very angry'.

Maybe if enough of us point out directly to our MPs the stupidity of the regulation in their present form, then maybe it'll force them to reconsider some aspects of them, cos I sure as hell ain't waiting for the BMFA to throw me under the bus again.


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There’s a petition up for this already, sign it to help!

ATC will be begging for it to be repealed once everyone clogs the phone line to tell them about their tiny whoopin. If it passes nobody is going to be able to enforce it anyway. If they can’t stop people being stabbed on the street with the police we already have how do they expect this ridiculous law to be enforced? I won’t be registering ANYTHING.
It’s time to work on my duck mind control device that works off 2.4ghz, there’s no laws against birds!
It’s against the law to break the speed limit, how many times did you get away with that this week?
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Yeah I already signed that too. Sadly petitions don't work alone, even though I think they are useless, I find hassling the MP always helps in one way or another even if it just gets their attention to seething stupid.