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Solved New (?) DTFB edging technique!

Tonight I was trying an old trick I used when we used to use wheat grain bulbs for lighting our planes. i would pull the foiled paper out of my cigarette packs and CA it to the back area where the bulbs go. This created a reflector so light wasn't wasted going into the plane. Works on DTFB too! I tested it on a couple of scrap chunks. Gorilla Super Glue. It also (discovered by accident) hardens and seals the edges as well as hot glue, without being... rubbery. On a second piece I gently wiped the edge with a smaller scrap chunk like when you use hot glue. I rolled the edge a touch. It held, and didn't wrinkle the paper. With a gentle hand I rolled/pushed both edges before it dried, and it created a nice somewhat curved edge! I'm thinking of using this method on my exposed edges on my two birds.


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Wonder if that works of regular adams board. I know the CA I tried ate the foam. Do you think Gorilla Super Glue would react to adams board the same way? I like the idea of using a fast setting glue other than hot glue to fix mistakes and sloppy assembly/cutting.
I do the same thing using White Gorilla Glue. Seals the edges nicely and works as a little filling that can be sanded before painting.
I've got to try that one. Wonder if it bonds paperback foil to the foam board as well? You know the foil from cigarette packs? Works wonders as metal trim, window framing, light reflectors, and such. Thanks for the note. I have to hit Wally-World pharmacy today, so I'll pick some up.