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New FLITE TEST Membership program on YOUTUBE!

Flite Test has GIVEN SO MUCH, for FREE, to SO MANY, for SO LONG, and will CONTINUE to do so.
Join, or don't. Nothing to whine about, here.
I agree Flite Test has given so much to this community. My concern has been what is the best way to give back to Flite Test instead of giving more money to a large corporation. I want to support these guys and I miss the regular content. Every week my kids and I look forward to a new video and we would love to continue to support Flite Test. Right now there is a lot of confusion about this new direction and I hope that they listen to the community and recognize that we are trying to help and that this new membership method could be done better.


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Flite Test isn't taking anything from me, that I'm not already willingly giving away for free.
In fact, they're offering something to everyone.
Each of us simply chooses if we want it, or not. It's not rocket science, and it's definitely nothing to panic about.
But, if you want to change Flite Test to what you like, just purchase 51% of the company, and change away! (y)
Let's fly!
If paying for exclusive stuff was the norm from the gate it would not make a difference. But that is not what built Flite Test.
This divergence from the roots does not sit right with me.

I am an Edgewater founder, the FT store is the first place i look when i need supplies (amain now), i sit through all the commercials and to the end of videos because i know it helps their Ytube metrics.

I believe in Flite Test that is the Flite Test of days of yore.

If increased revenue is what they are after they should not deviate from got them where they are, instead increase what they are doing, by increasing the population base and growing what works through.
Community awareness
Community outreach,
We are after all a Community.
We could grow through FT representatives out in libraries and maker spaces hosting build nights with DTFB making free flight chuck gliders but also showing and telling about speed build kits FPV etc.
Hell maybe a commercial on the science channel.

If it aint broke dont fix it.
Flite Test is what it is;


Wake up! Time to fly!
Hey Psy!! ;)
Just wanted to first off say .. HELLO my friend! ;)

Secondly, nothing really changes on content. Every video will still be posted as usual. This program is really for anyone who wants to support the channel in another way if they feel like they are getting the value that they putting out in return! ;) . No spamming and NO pressure or begging for anything! We will never ever go there! You have my word! ha

Lastly, we have thought about a Patreon before, but have never moved forward with it up to this point. Maybe in the future, but for now, we are going to keep everything the same, but just add a few more fun perks for anyone who wants to participate ;)

Blessings my brother and hope all is well!
Little late on the reaction time here.. sorry.. I liked the comment when you did it and didnt think to say... I miss your video podcasts. That was one of the things I looked forward too most. Specially when you started to have guests outside of FT core team. Maybe Ill have to motivate and start doing YT interviews of the general population within our community. Will have more funds for various beard colors with only being able to fly the Gremlin where I live now. :LOL::LOL::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::cry::cry::cry:

Although I should be putting more effort to save up for a bus trip to Edgewater since I wont be able to do Flite Fest.

Flite Risk

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After seeing todays video about what flite test is doing in regards to becoming a CBO...........
You do have a point.
BSprojects, your point is weighted strongly enough I will join. They do need all the help they can get.

Going back to my point about community and out reach, we should probably invite some attorneys and their kids to Flite Fest. It sounds like this has judicial precedings in its future the way the target is always being changed regarding the rules and guidelines for Becoming a CBO. It seems pretty unfair and like the courts will need to step in.
I've bought 7 kits from Flite Test and 2 others from my LHS so I feel I'm supporting them to the best of my ability {I'm 73}. I'm sorry but I don't see the sense in spending $60 a year for what was/is free. Things change, thank goodness, so keep going Flite Test, I just don't have to agree with it. So I'm not in support of the additional money with benefits I really can't see pr understand.


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After seeing todays video about what flite test is doing in regards to becoming a CBO and representing the community, I am not as upset about the membership program anymore. Best of luck to the flite test crew any anyone reading!
+1 on that, I like what these guys are trying to do for everyone, not just their own community, but the hobby as a whole. They've got my support.
+1 on that, I like what these guys are trying to do for everyone, not just their own community, but the hobby as a whole. They've got my support.
Agreed, my original post in this thread was tough on them, after seeing developments and new information I have changed my opinion and perspective on the subject.

I wont delete my OP in this thread becsuse I am not ashamed of being wrong and think it's important to keep up so other people who are on the fence see my shift.

I do still stand by my thought that community organizers should be encouraged and supported to go into the community and show people the flight test way of being;


Watching then thinking of a video from Bruce at X-Jet, I had a thought about how to start a conversation about RC planes/"drones" / quads and FPV with people who are in our lives or who we just bump into on a daily basis but who themselves are not in the hobby. The thought was a way to initiate conversation with someone who has interest but doesn't know anyone in the hobby who could show them where to start.

My thought is as goofy as it might look, wear our fpv goggles as we are out and about.
No battery plugged in just up on our heads.

Inevitably some one will ask what they are for and we can use that as a Segway to begin a conversation about the hobby and invite them in if they would like to learn more.

Just an idea........thoughts?
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So I just had another idea regarding membership and getting people involved in the hobby.

Use Radio talk shows to start a dialogue with communities about RC flight and invite everyone to a FPV flite demo and quick community build.

Partnering with makerspaces in different cities would provide infrastructure for hosting build events. Also partnering with AMA fields in those cities for the flying aspect of the demo.
Hell even sell tickets....(to cover expense of foam and glue).

The point is to get a pair of goggles on a radio host/DJ, fpv on quads, planes, whatever. We have all listen to morning radio hosts and we know that when they find something exciting that's all they talk about. Then that experience is repeated to and john joey and suzie Q public.

Maybe the detail of it is structured in such a way that you just meet a DJ or host out for a quick 20 or 30 minute fpv experience then the next day are brought into the studio to talk on the air about it. I don't know that would all get hashed out later.

Ultimately put a hot glue gun in the their hands and show them how easy it is to build.

Do it all at a community build / meet and greet and fly along at a maker space.

Partnering with a makerspace would create a win win, so they get publicity and membership out of it too.

The actual details may vary but the template or outline or idea is here;

Josh bixler,
Lets not forget Josh Scott (i miss that guy)

Are you guys listening to this one? This could be huge.

I guarantee something like this would pull new members.
So I just had another idea regarding membership and getting people involved in the hobby. . . . . . . . .
After reading this and if you agree with it, copy and paste it everywhere every other thread every other fourm.

if you have the email addresses of any of the above-mentioned flite test personalities email it to them copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste plagiarize the hell out of it share it tell everybody about it
I think there is another issue that hasn't been addressed. The youtube platform that FT started with isn't the same as the youtube platform today. Back in the day youtube was a pretty even playing field and most people could get a predictable return on the investment of their resources but that's not how it works anymore. YouTube, and the parent company google, have certain things they want to push and even though FT is a big thing to us, FT isn't a big thing to youtube. Youtube want's everyone to believe that some computer generated almighty "algorithm" is the only thing that directs content and revenue to every channel evenly if they earned it. This idea from youtube is garbage and they have been caught manipulating this "algorithm" before. I'm not saying that it's not possible to bring in revenue from youtube anymore but unless you fall into some hip/trendy category that they're trying to push, they're probably going to direct as much revenue away from you as they can without causing an uproar. An example of this we've already seen like this is when roadkill left youtube. I'm completely against clique memberships and paywalls but i can understand if a company needs to make changes in order to stay in business. I was disappointed when i saw the video but I think some of the disappoint needs to be directed at youtube.