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New guy here!!! Hi!

Hey everyone!

The name is Mike, I am a Data Architect / Developer from the Philadelphia, Pa area. I am pursuing a career in professional aerial photography and videography. Flying and building machines has always been a hobby for me, now I am trying to take things to new "heights", :D. I look forward to meeting others who love to do what I do. I have not launched the business yet, for I am working on obtaining my 107 at the moment. But if you would like to follow / subscribe / reach out to me, do not hesitate to go to marshallproductions.net. Thank you!

I want to give a big thanks to the guys at Flite Test, for they have and continue to push me to learn more and try advanced modifications / techniques!


Staff member
Hey Mike!!
Thanks for the kind words and we welcome you to the FORUMS!! We hope that our community can take you to places you never thought you could!! It is unbelievable what we can do if we all help each other out! ;)

Blessings and happy flying/photography



Wake up! Time to fly!
Welcome to the family!

That's cool you are going thru that process. If not to bothersome could you document that whole process for us here? It would be nice to know what , where, how and when things need to be done as well as any set backs that are inherent in the process that could be avoided should other people wish to go down that same path.

If you do It would be nice if it had its own thread. That way if its documented well enough it could be an article or maybe even become a sticky topic that is always on top of a sub forum.


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Welcome Mike!

I'm also interested in the 107, and in your study journey. Would be great if you start a thread and share how if goes!

@PsyBorg @rockyboy, thank you for the interest. I will definitely start a thread around the process. So far the incoming information and "guides" available are overwhelming and redundant in many cases. I am sure it well help assist many on here.

Thanks guys!