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New guy in southeast Texas

Morning folks! I'm Bryan, a 10 year old with 23 years experience. ( I'm 33 ) I'm from Seabrook, Texas. I am a full time 911 medic, and a volunteer firefighter.

I just recently bought myself an RC plane ( fly zone sensei RTR ). I have never flown before but always have loved RC anything. Got my plane setup. First flight was every bit of 20 seconds. LOL. Some glue and tape, and was back flying.

I came upon foamy planes a while back on YouTube and liked the idea of cheap planes. ( that's why I bought the sensei, 6ch radio, all the electronics I would need ) except now I want to keep the sensei together and build these!!

I found your site this evening while youtubing, and y'all are awesome. I will be ordering a kit as soon as I'm done posting here. I look forward to learning and posting as I move along in this overly addicting hobby.

My brother bought my dad a plane recently as well, his first flight was super short as mine was, but I was able to catch his second flight on video. I think he did great for a newbie!!


Thanks, see y'all on the flight line!!


New member
Hey mate. Welcome to the forum and to the hobby. You're going to have a blast, but be warned, scratch building is addictive. ;)

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Welcome! Great choice for a first plane, the sensei taught me everything from basics to aerobatics. Scratch building is super addictive, but super cheap. From 40$ worth of dollar tree foam you can have an entire crash...err, Air Force.:cool:
Shoot man, you'll be doing inverted inside loops within the week! Sadly for as popular as they are, thats the first vid i have seen of a Sensei, didn't realize how large a craft they are.