New guy in the Flatlands...

Hi all,
I have been impressed with Flite Test videos and the shear sense of fun you guys show. I'm in the Flatlands of West Norfolk (The Fens) in Eastern England.
We don't get the foam with brown paper on it, but do have the white Depron, which I pick up from SLEC at Watton. I am new to model flying and am converting a foam glider with a 3D printed power pod pusher installation. I'm also building a foam version of the lovely KeilKraft Skystreak 26, expanded to 32" and redesigned for R/C from the original control line. But that'll be for when I've learned to fly. First tester flight booked for Tuesday.



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Hi mate, lots of UK folk here, we have our own sub forum and Discord channel if you want to see UK specific stuff.
FT foamboard is available at several online and brick model stores, as are power pack alternatives. Model Shop Leeds has both those things. Sussex Model Centre sell board and speedbuild kits.